Exclusive: Internet of Things and big data: Re-inventing business processes

  • Daniel-Zoe Jimenez
    Daniel-Zoe Jimenez

Another day, another 2.5 exabytes of data created on the Internet. Wait, what? The amount of data generated through digital transformation (DX)­ fueled by the confluence of mobile, social media, cloud, the Internet of Things (IOT), and big data analytics (BDA) ­ is staggering.

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Printing complements healthcare’s move toward digital transformation

Printing remains an invaluable partner to healthcare institutions, as they continue down the digital transformation path. The healthcare industry in Asia has been undergoing a transformation phase over the past few years. As the region’s middle-income group continues to grow, so does expectations for higher quality of patient care, as well as the competition within […]

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Does your business boast of a digitally transformed print environment?

From their humble paper-centric origins to becoming highly secure devices, printers today are capable of reengineering lines of businesses and even realise greater business value. Discover the five stages of IDC’s print and document management. Learn more about HP’s PageWide A3 printers and A4 printers for your business.

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Rethinking print and workflows as part of transformation

With the digitalization of everything, very little in the workplace will be left untouched. Print and document management included. IDC predicts that by 2017, smart multifunction printers (MFPs) will serve as the foundation for a majority of enterprise office printing solutions. Today’s increasingly digital workspace will drive the transition of the MFP from a copy/print […]

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Taking a leadership leap for digital transformation

It used to be easy to identify a company’s line of business. A bank was a bank; a computer company made hardware and software; a logistics company moved goods from one point to another. Today, industry lines have blurred, and at the rate that businesses are embracing digital transformation (DX), boundaries will get broken down […]

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From print policies to streamlined workflows

Integrating imaging and printing policies with workflow solutions can help organizations streamline, automate, and secure document-intensive processes

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HP managed services and solutions for healthcare

People expect more from healthcare providers than of any other type of public institution. As understandable as this is, it places hospitals under tremendous pressure. How can you meet your targets in a real world of budget constraints and staff shortages?

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