Exclusive: Optimizing the workspace with mobility

  • Daniel-Zoe Jimenez
    Daniel-Zoe Jimenez

The mobile gold rush has gone way beyond devices. It’s all about mobility now. Mobility breathes new life into organization productivity and collaboration, driving new business processes and workflows. By 2017, two out of five companies will invest in workforce optimization initiatives to support the personal productivity preferences of employees. In 2018, 30% of enterprises […]

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Digital transformation hits its stride in Asia

Driven by the need to reduce cost while retaining an innovative and competitive edge, companies across Asia have steadily embraced digital transformation (DX). Organizations that successfully leveraged on new technologies in DX, such as new print capabilities, were able to enhance their reputations and establish new boundaries within their industries, as Sandra Ng, Group Vice […]

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Taking a leadership leap for digital transformation

It used to be easy to identify a company’s line of business. A bank was a bank; a computer company made hardware and software; a logistics company moved goods from one point to another. Today, industry lines have blurred, and at the rate that businesses are embracing digital transformation (DX), boundaries will get broken down […]

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Control your print environment

Implementing a managed print solution is just the beginning. It creates a foundation that enables reductions in waste, introduces new business capabilities, and streamlines workflow process

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The business value of printer security

According to IDC research, 80% of the companies we surveyed indicated that IT security is important to their business processes, but only 59% of these companies stated that print security is important to their business processes

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