Exclusive: Optimizing the workspace with mobility

  • Daniel-Zoe Jimenez
    Daniel-Zoe Jimenez

The mobile gold rush has gone way beyond devices. It’s all about mobility now. Mobility breathes new life into organization productivity and collaboration, driving new business processes and workflows. By 2017, two out of five companies will invest in workforce optimization initiatives to support the personal productivity preferences of employees. In 2018, 30% of enterprises […]

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Printing complements healthcare’s move toward digital transformation

Printing remains an invaluable partner to healthcare institutions, as they continue down the digital transformation path. The healthcare industry in Asia has been undergoing a transformation phase over the past few years. As the region’s middle-income group continues to grow, so does expectations for higher quality of patient care, as well as the competition within […]

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Using Print to gear up for workplace transformation

How can print help hospitals elevate patient care and save more lives? Discover the answer and how print devices can become a transformative force for healthcare institutions. Learn more about HP’s PageWide A3 printers and A4 printers for your business.

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PageWide technology, an outback lifeline to KAMS.

HP PageWide printers play a critical role in the delivery of healthcare to remote towns in the Kimberly region. Towns and communities across the Kimberly region of Western Australia receive primary health support from a network of community health services, including the Kimberly Aboriginal Medical Services Ltd (KAMS). However, providing healthcare and resources to the […]

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How Print can enhance the healthcare experience

With print’s capacity to liven up a sterile hospital environment and even offer odorless documents that are healthier for patients, its role in this transformation is crucial. Find out more. To find out how you can thrive in the DX era with print, download the IDC Healthcare Viewpoint. Learn more about HP’s PageWide A3 printers and A4 printers for […]

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Does your business boast of a digitally transformed print environment?

From their humble paper-centric origins to becoming highly secure devices, printers today are capable of reengineering lines of businesses and even realise greater business value. Discover the five stages of IDC’s print and document management. Learn more about HP’s PageWide A3 printers and A4 printers for your business.

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Driving innovation with Print in the DX Era

Due to increasing business growth and access to more digital content, print is now more critical than ever. Here is how businesses and SMBs can tap on print to drive business performance and innovation. Learn more about HP’s PageWide A3 printers and A4 printers for your business.

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